NCO Ambassadors Program

In partnership with area high schools, this educational program will provide a creative opportunity for youth representatives to take part in audience development as well as help create a new way for NC Opera audience members to interact with the organization and connect to the opera productions.
The NCO Ambassador Program looks to explore more interactive models of gaining audience feedback, get to know our audiences better and contribute to a richer and more creative opera-going experience for patrons of opera performances. NCO Ambassadors will be on hand before performances (and during intermission) to provide insight and interesting information connected to the productions, gain general feedback from patrons, elicit written and recorded audience responses and to brainstorm, create and execute new and innovative ways to engage the NCO audience going forward.

NCO Ambassadors will:
  • learn more about what brought audience members to the performance
  • discover what audience members think about the performance
  • create and facilitate new ways for audience members to learn more about the opera and performers
  • elicit written and recorded audience responses.
To help us do this, we are partnering with selected high schools to help us identify students who would like to develop their skills in communications and to get experience with a local performing arts organization. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic about the arts, self-motivated, responsible and work well on teams.

To apply, email